On game-day, you expect nothing less than to put your best foot forward.
That’s why each AgilityGuard™ is precision-fit to exacting
standards designed to optimize athletic performance.

Your Sport, Your AgilityGuard™

Lower Agility GuardLower Wire Upper Guard

Whatever your game, there's an AgilityGuard for you.   

Both the PHI and TROPHY AgilityGuards are available in either Contact or Non-Contact formats designed for use in all sports and training situations:

Non-Contact/Training*: AgilityGuard designed for use on lower teeth. Typically used in non/light-contact sports (ex. Golf, soccer, running) as well as in most training/practice situations.

Contact*: Protective guard that covers upper teeth. For use in full-contact sports that typically require or encourage use to protect teeth from contact damage (ex. Football, Hockey, Boxing, MMA). Maintains all of the performance attributes of AgilityGuard with additional protection from contact damage.

*NOTE: only one of the upper/contact or lower/non-contact AgilityGuards may be worn at any given time (not designed for use of both upper and lower guard at same time).