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Occlusion Connections is a group of dental professionals who are dedicated toward promoting dental health and wellness to those in need nationally and internationally. It is comprised of a community of dentists and laboratory technicians who are trained and skilled in temporomandibular joint dysfunction, restorative/prosthetic and orthodontic/orthopedic dentistry.

  • Occlusion Connections promotes research, education and service to the dental profession
    and public.
  • It acknowledges the value and science of physiologic dentistry.
  • It encourages dentists world wide to apply the neuromuscular principles in every day
    clinical practice.
  • It focuses on the goodness and well being of people.
  • It respects a quality of life that upholds a healthy perspective towards business,
    government, education and family.
  • It focuses on giving back in service and to those in need.
  • This group represents the highest level of dental care providers who have advanced
    training, skill, judgment and experience in helping those in desperate need.
  • Occlusion Connections espouses a complete and balanced perspective of both
    neuromuscular and gnathologic principles.

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