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Dr. Clayton Chan is the creator of the Chan gneuromuscular TM “Optimized Bite” and the “Chan Scan”, and is regarded by many practitioners as the “guru” of the science and practice of gneuromuscular dentistry. Gneuromuscular dentistry is an approach to dentistry developed by Dr. Chan that recognizes and accepts the validity of the principles of the various schools of thought in dentistry and seeks to create a bridge between them. This cohesive approach helps provide the most sustainable and positive results for his clients.

It’s fair to say that a significant percentage of dental clients engage in some form of sport or athletic activity on a regular basis. Most of them don’t typically associate their dentist with improved athletic performance, yet dentists have the ability to assist them in achieving exactly that.

The AgilityGuards™ business model does not require a dentist to deal with an “exclusive laboratory”. Certified dentists are free to establish or maintain a relationship with any AgilityGuard-Certified laboratory. This will lead dentists to recommend to their favorite labs that they become AgilityGuard-Certified labs, which will foster competitive pricing.

Furthermore, the Lab Fee for any AgilityGuard™, whether it be a Phi or a Trophy, will be the same, in recognition of the fact that the incremental value between a Phi and a Trophy comes from your expertise and time, not from ours. As such, we feel that you should enjoy the full benefit of incremental pricing.

To help you develop your AgilityGuard™ practice, AgilityGuards™ has made this cutting edge technology available to you.

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